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Olaplex Hair Repair Treatments at The Dumb Brunette Hairdressers, Wollaton, NottsThe Magic of OLAPLEX Hair Repair Treatments

We’ll let you in on a little salon secret… OLAPLEX will literally work magic on your hair!

The OLAPLEX hair treatments have been designed specifically to repair damaged hair. So, if you thought your hair was damaged beyond repair, think again because an OLAPLEX hair treatment can work wonders.

From strengthening your hair to restoring elasticity, OLAPLEX even helps to protect your hair from further damage.

So, now we’ve let you in on our little secret, if you want hair that feels rejuvenated with a new lease of life then the OLAPLEX hair repair treatment is for you!

Paul Mitchell Hair Treatments at The Dumb Brunette Hairdressing Salon in Wollaton, NottinghamPaul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger In-Salon Treatment

At The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon in Nottingham, we’ll pamper you like a princess and treat you like royalty!

When you come in for an in-salon treatment, all you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the soothing Paul Mitchel Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment.

This treatment is fabulous because it uses the latest Keratriplex® Technology to rebuild and repair dry and fragile hair. With this in-salon treatment, you get some relaxation time and will leave with shiny, healthy-looking hair!

If you are unsure which treatment is right for you, our stylists will always be happy to help. Just take a few minutes to tell us about your hair concerns so we can work out a plan to get your hair back to fabulous once more.

men's hair treatments at the dumb brunette barbers & salon in wollaton, nottinghamSolu Salt Scrub For Men

There’s nothing better than taking care of yourself, and this is not limited just to women! Men, you need some self-care too, and at The Dumb Brunette Salon, we can help. If your hair is something you feel self-conscious about, or you just want to keep it looking and feeling healthy, then a hair treatment is perfect for you!

We offer the Solu Salt Scrub for men, which is a hair and scalp scrub that’s suitable for all hair types. This will leave your hair and scalp feeling squeaky clean and refreshed due to its deep-cleaning properties. Your hair will have a soft, texturised finish that will have everyone wanting to run their fingers through your hair.

As we are a sustainable salon, we are proud to announce that this product is cruelty-free and made with 100% clean energy!

hair treatments for men at top barbers in nottinghamTea Tree Scalp & Hair Mask For Gents

A common problem that many people face is dandruff, and at The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon in Nottingham, we have the solution. The Tea Tree Scalp & Hair Mask is perfect for battling against dry scalp and can even improve symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis (a common skin condition that can cause dandruff).

The reason this hair treatment works so well is due to the tea tree oil which has many benefits for healthy hair and scalp. These benefits include soothing dry and flaky scalps, and helping to remove dandruff.

So, say goodbye to dandruff and hello to happy and healthy scalp and hair!

Customised Hair Treatments 

If you know what hair and scalp problems you have and want a customised hair treatment targeted at these issues, make sure to book a complimentary consultation at our Wollaton salon. Even if you don’t know what issues you are suffering from but feel like your hair needs some TLC, also book in for a consultation with our friendly experts who will assess your hair’s needs and create a targeted hair treatment plan specifically for you.

Book A Hair Treatment At The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon In Nottingham

Whatever your scalp and hair problems, we have the solution with our range of hair treatments that can be tailored to your exact needs. Just book in for a hair treatment at The Dumb Brunette Hairdressing Salon in Wollaton, Nottingham by calling us on 01159 281954 or book online today.