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classic mens hair ideas at The Dumb Brunette Hairdressers in Wollaton, NottinghamClassic Men's Hairstyles

Classic cars, classic films, classic clothing.  Who doesn't love a classic!  The same can be said for the classic men's hairstyle.  

You can’t go wrong with a classic men’s hairstyle such as the short back and sides. If you’re looking for a modern twist on this classic haircut, we can leave your hair longer on top to give you more to work with when you’re styling it.

Our professional barber in Nottingham can help find the perfect gent’s haircut to suit you, your face shape, personality and lifestyle.

We’ll even show you just how to style it too so that every day can be a good hair day!

Men's Fades at Best Barbers in Wollaton, NottinghamFades & Disconnects - Modern Hairstyles For Gents

Looking for a modern hairstyle with some 'edge'?  It may be time to consider a fade with a disconnected undercut.

Our barber will shave or cut the sides of your hair really short to create a noticeable contrast between the long hair on top and the shorter hair at the sides (hence the 'disconnect').

Fancy a fade hairstyle?  Again, it's all in the name!  A fade is where your hair is clippered really short at the sides, looking like it is fading from longer hair to very short shaved sides. 

A skin fade takes this hairstyle a step further by having the sides shaved really close so we can see the skin.  

mens hair salon in nottingham for hair colourHair Colour For Men 

Move aside ladies because we are seeing more and more chaps choosing to colour their hair.  They've worked out that the addition of a new hair colour is a great way to transform or update their hairstyle!

From golden blonde shades or blonde highlights to deep browns, reds or edgy silver hair colours, it's fair to say that men’s hair colouring is becoming increasingly popular. 

Whether you want your hair dyed a natural colour to blend away grey hairs, or you fancy a fun fashion colour – we can do it all at The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon in Wollaton. 

Book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation so we can have a chat about the look your desire. It's also important to note that you will need a quick allergy alert test 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment - especially if you are having colour for the first time or have not had your hair coloured in the past 6 months or longer.

Hair Treatments For Men

Our hair treatments can help with thinning and balding hair, dandruff, oily hair and many other hair and scalp problems. So whether you’re using it as a preventative measure, or to battle hair and scalp issues you’re already suffering from, hair treatments are great for the health of your hair. Find out more about our hair treatments here.

Book A Men’s Hair Appointment At Top Salon In Wollaton

Don’t let your hair hold you back! Whether you want a trim, transformation or treatment, we’ll provide you with the best men’s haircuts, styles, colours and more. Book an appointment by calling us on 01159 281954 or book online now.