How to Embrace Sustainability!

Sustainability at The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon in Wollaton, Nottingham

Are you someone who is deeply committed to living a more sustainable lifestyle, yet reluctant to compromise on the beauty and health of your hair? We hear you, and we're excited to introduce you to our salon, where we merge eco-conscious living with luxurious haircare.

At The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon in Wollaton, Nottingham, we understand that sustainability shouldn't mean sacrificing your beautiful locks. That's why we've meticulously curated a range of exceptional haircare solutions that not only enhance your natural beauty but also align seamlessly with your desire to tread lightly on our planet. Indulge in our pampering services while making thoughtful choices for a brighter future at our salon.

Davines - A Sustainable Haircare Brand

Just like The Dumb Brunette, Davines deeply cares about people, communities, and the planet. It's a staunch advocate for inclusivity, gender parity, and reducing its ecological footprint. The brand also actively supports local initiatives that empower diverse communities.

When we incorporate Davines hair products into our Wollaton salon, we actively contribute to Davines' ongoing and future endeavours. Their products are designed to minimise waste while making the most of available resources. This partnership significantly contributes to our journey as a more sustainable hair salon.

Davines 1

 Vegan Hair Treatments By Davines

The Davines Circle Chronicles collection offers vegan hair treatments made from renewable energy and natural ingredients. These treatments are thoughtfully packaged to offset CO₂ emissions through reforestation efforts.

Choose from seven exceptional hair masks, each targeting different concerns. Your Dumb Brunette stylist will help you select the ideal Davines Hair Treatment.

Davines Hair Masks, Vegan haircare

Paul Mitchell - Our Sustainable Treatment Partner

The Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment underscores the brand's sustainability commitment. It reflects Paul Mitchell's responsible ethos.

Sourced from a Hawaiian farm, Awapuhi extract showcases sustainable sourcing. Local partnerships ensure eco-friendly cultivation, preserving the region's ecosystem. Packaging is recyclable, reducing its environmental impact.

By choosing the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment, you're not only treating your hair to luxurious care but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Paul Mitchell Nottingham

Our Partnership With Green Salon Collective

At The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon, we're actively enhancing our environmental impact across all operations. Keeping this value at the forefront, we're excited to unveil our collaboration with the Green Salon Collective.

Our ongoing waste reduction efforts have been central. However, items like foils, tubes, clippings, and excess color chemicals often escape recycling through local systems. Through our partnership with the Green Salon Collective, we're embarking on recycling the previously considered unrecyclable.

This dynamic partnership expands recycling to include paper, cardboard, plastics, foils, canisters, tubes, and clippings. This approach aims for recycling and repurposing over 95% of our salon waste.

We are committed to transforming nearly all of our salon waste into valuable resources. Here's a glimpse of how this recycling initiative will work:

✓ Hair cuttings will be turned into 'Booms', large mats that mop up oil spills in the ocean or it will be used for farming compost

✓ Used foils, product canisters and metal colour tubes will be recycled into new aluminium and metal products

✓ Toxic colour waste will be reduced and prevented from going into our waterways

Green Salon Collective in Nottingham

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