Our New In-Salon Treatment, Tailored To Your Hair

Upgrade Your Salon Visit at The Dumb Brunette in Wollaton

Your hair is as unique as you are - and so are the challenges you face in keeping it healthy and vibrant!

That’s why we’re excited to offer Naturaltech Tailoring by Davines - an exclusive in-salon treatment range that is customisable to your hair and formulated for specific hair & scalp problems.

Top tip: Why not upgrade your next salon appointment? Add this bespoke in-salon treatment to your next service for just £10.

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Hair Care Diagnostic Tool - How It Works

Your tailored hair treatment experience begins with a consultation at our Wollaton hair salon, where your expert stylist at The Dumb Brunette will use an exclusive tailoring consultation diagnostic tool.

The results allow us to identify your primary and secondary hair concerns, to give you personalised advice and create a dedicated recipe from the Naturaltech Tailoring range of products, which will be mixed on the spot - especially for you!

In total, there are 24 possible combinations, each of which deliver immediate effects with no processing time, so you’ll notice the difference even before you step out of the salon. Not only does it deliver results instantly, with no processing time, it’s also as good for the environment as it is for your hair. Each of the 24 possible hair infusions feature a natural active ingredient.

Book Today - Upgrade For Just £10!

If you have any hair health challenges you’d like help overcoming, book a session with one of our in-house experts at The Dumb Brunette. Your Stylist will be able to use our diagnostic tool to create your personalised Naturaltech Tailoring treatment in minutes.

Simply ask for your upgrade on your next visit to The Dumb Brunette. You can add this bespoke in-salon treatment to your next service for just £10!