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Curly Hair Products at The Dumb Brunette Salon in Nottingham 

Is your textured hair curly or wavy when wet, but straight and frizzy when it’s dried? Curls need moisture, moisture, moisture to plump up that bounce.  At The Dumb Brunette Salon in Nottingham, we are proud to offer a wide range of curly hair products from Davines that bring back bounce to your curls and keep naturally-textured hair hydrated.

Davines products use the best natural oils and extracts. These shampoos, conditioners, mousses and curl-building serums combat humidity, smooth frizz and give elasticity back to curls. Regardless of your specific type of curl, curls, in general, are more delicate than straight or slightly wavy hair. When running a brush through tangled curls, it’s easy to damage strands, prompting frizziness and split ends.

For curls, one of the biggest hurdles lies in providing adequate moisture without creating a greasy appearance. Davines’ curl cleansing, leave-in, and styling products all provide healthy hydration to thirsty strands without weighing down strands. Your curls will have more pep in their step than ever before.

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