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First Time Hair Colour At The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon In Nottingham

Do you feel like your natural hair colour needs a boost? Are you looking to cover up those pesky grey hairs? Is this your first time having your hair coloured?

We know that first times can be scary, but have no fear, for the colour experts at The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon are here! Whatever questions or queries you have about hair colouring will be answered by the end of this page so that you can come into our salon ready for a fabulous hair colouring experience.

At our Nottingham salon, we are proud to be sustainable and we use the best Wella and Davines hair products to provide you with amazing results every time.

You MUST Have An Allergy Test Before Your First Colour Appointment

At The Dumb Brunette Hairdressing Salon in Nottingham, we offer our hair colouring services to all genders aged 16 and above!

Before we can work wonders on your hair colour, you have to come into our salon for a quick and easy skin test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment. The reason we do this is just to test for any allergies you may have to the colour range that we use. Reactions are rare so it’s nothing to worry about, we just always make sure to be super safe when it comes to our clients.

The patch test is so speedy you don’t even need to book an appointment for it! Just pop into our Wollaton salon and one of our expert team will simply dab a small amount of colour behind your ear. Wipe this away after 30 minutes and if you’ve had no reaction within 48 hours then we’re good to go!

If you do not come in for an allergy test 48 hours before your hair colour service, then unfortunately we will not be able to colour your hair. So, it’s really important you come in for this super quick test!

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Help! I Don’t Know Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me!

When it comes to hair colour, don’t panic! You just need to keep calm and carry on into our salon where we are here to help. If you’re not sure what hair colour you want or what hair shades will suit you, our expert colourists at The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon in Nottingham will be happy to recommend the perfect hair colours to suit you. We’re the hair colour experts in Wollaton, so you’re in super safe hands.

There are many reasons people decide to colour their hair, and whatever your reason may be, it can help decide the right hair colour for you! So, whether you want to try a completely different hair colour, or to lighten your natural hair colour, or blend away grey hairs, we can do it all at our Nottingham salon. Have a look at pictures of different hair colours and have a think about just what look you’re hoping to achieve by colouring your hair.

Have Fun With A Fashion Hair Colour

Just because you’re new to hair colour, doesn’t mean you can’t go all out for your first time! Stand out from the crowd with a vibrant hair colour. Make a statement with a bold hair colour. We’ve got all the colours under the rainbow, so whatever colour you’re dreaming of we can create at The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon in Nottingham!

For a subtle, yet fun fashion hair colour, why not try a pretty pastel hair colour? If you just want a pop of colour, we can also apply a bright hair colour as highlights or just on the front pieces of your hair to frame your face.

Find Out Which Natural Hair Colour Has The Most Fun

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a blonde, brunette or redhead? Well, we can change up your natural hair colour for a different shade so that you can see what life’s like on the other side.

If you want a hair colour that looks like it’s been naturally lightened, then balayage is the hair colouring technique for you! At The Dumb Brunette Hair Salon, our skilled colourists hand paint the lighter colour onto your hair so that it looks naturally sun-kissed for gorgeous results.

Grey Hairs…Be Gone!

We can turn back time at The Dumb Brunette Hairdressing Salon in Wollaton as we work our magic on your hair we can take years off your appearance! Through the use of highlights or lowlights, our expert colourists can blend grey hairs into your natural hair colour. It’ll be like they were never there!

By using this technique we can also boost your natural hair colour so that it looks healthier and richer. After your first hair colour appointment, we recommend you come in for a root touch-up every 6-8 weeks to keep up the appearance of your lovely, luscious locks.

Temporary Hair Colour VS Permanent Hair Colour – Spot The Difference

Since you’re new to hair colour, it might be worth starting off with a temporary hair colour. Temporary hair colour washes out after a few shampoos and so this gives you the chance to get used to having your hair a different colour. However, the only snag with this is that you can only go a darker colour with a temporary hair colour. If you want to lighten your hair, then we recommend semi-permanent or permanent dye.

Semi-permanent hair colour lasts longer than temporary hair colour (as the name suggests). If you’re looking to cover up grey hairs or boost your natural hair colour, then a semi-permanent shade could be the dye for you.

Although it’s your first time having your hair coloured, you may be completely certain on what colour you want to go. If that’s the case then permanent hair colour could be for you. This colour will not come out in the wash, but your roots will need re-touching every 6-8 weeks.

Book Your First Hair Colour Appointment At Top Wollaton Hair Salon

Now you know all there is to know about getting your hair coloured! Take the first step towards having the hair colour of your dreams by booking an appointment at The Dumb Brunette Hairdressing Salon in Wollaton. To book your appointment just call us on 01159 281954 or book online.